Bois Cheri Tea Plantation, Pic Captured by @safrate
Bois Cheri Tea Plantation, Pic Captured by @safrate

I have always felt pretty passionate about learning new things and confident about my ability to do so. Ever since I started to work in my late teen I have experimented and tried out many careers paths and every other year would get into something new and exciting. 

Oftentimes, my decisions were received with unsolicited advice and even attempt to deter me from my choices. It hurt… nonetheless, I have always kept doing me because what may appear as impulsive decision making when it came to my lifestyle and professional choices has been driven by a keen sense self-confidence: I have always trusted and followed my gut in that area of my life, and been convinced that everything I was doing regardless of how unrelated it seemed from the outside would come together somehow. Looking back I realized  now that at the time I lacked the wisdom and distance to identify most people were unable to be supportive because they were just projecting their own insecurities.

As years passed by it did take a toll on me and my sense of inadequacy increased.

adult fawn american pit bull terrier
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Many friends and acquaintance around me had become expert in their respective fields and had done so by “sticking to something”: and here I was, jack of all trades, still trying to figure out my next move could be… Insecure AF, I felt as if maybe I should just find something and settle down, so I took that corporate job that made me feel like a grown up.

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In February 2018, after 2 and a half year I quit – it was an awesome position involving lots of traveling, beautiful encounters, financial stability and many other perks. I liked it a lot but there was a part of me that wasn’t fully satisfied and this was slowly making me very depressed. I needed time to recalibrate. I traveled a bit, soaked in the Indian ocean, slept a lot, worked on creative and entrepreneurial endeavors, read, wrote and reconnected with friends: an extended artist date if you will. My soul never felt more at peace. Meanwhile and gradually my bank account started to slightly making me  feel anxious…

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So I started to think of ways I could remedy to this organically. I had to do something that would make me very happy and at the same time allow me to sustain my lifestyle: I came up with a concept of traveling the world with friends and performing my music in local venues.

That sounded like a fun and exciting prospect, but I still needed to strategize on how to make money with it. So I started to look around for example and decided to start this blog and my own Youtube Channel.

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I guess that by sharing my journey with you will be a way for me to assess my progress.

I also hope this will inspire some of you to follow their gut and pursue their own dream/business/purpose in life.

Chilling in Harlem, Pic Capture by @MusiqHaus
Chilling in Harlem, Pic Capture by @MusiqHaus

2 Replies to “Ready”

  1. Hello just wanted to read this and post something. I read all 3 of the blogs. One thing I will say is that you are very self absorbed and have been for a long time. You are also very judgmental. Let’s start here first. No one judges like you claim or even really cares about your career changes. We are all out here really living and doing what needs to be done. I also think that you are full of shit half the time because you are judging and saying things that people do everyday. I think you are flakey and lazy really and you can’t complete one single thing that you start. You think you are a jack of all trades but no you are not you are just a person that can’t finish anything that you start. You are all over the place and Frankly that is not something people look up to or even care. Stop thinking you are deep and a progressive person because you are not. And please do not think that you are going to make it as a singer because no. Just live your life and stop being so damn judgemental. You are always blaming people about your pennies insecurity and no boo boo you are the insecure one. NO ONE cares!!!!


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